Raido on bmw

car battery was disconected while doing body work. raido says “code wait”

book reads enter anti-thief code.

any help would be appericated

Most of the time we wrote the code on the last page of the owners manual, maybe you will get lucky.

was a good idea. owners manual nonexistance. purchased repair manual. a real waste when it comes to a lot of information needed on the car.
waitng for a call bmw in idaho. approx 400 miles to nearest dealer to reset. hoping not having to travel at this time… thanks for u r reply.

If it says Code Wait, then someone has been pushing buttons trying to guess the code.

You will have to drive for an hour or so with the radio on until it says just “Code” before you can key in the code.

You need not go to the dealer if you can convince them that you are the legit owner and not someone trying to use a BMW radio that they stole.

The dealer needs to know the serial number off the radio to get your code for you. I do not believe that the VIN will get it. That means that you have to pull the radio.

Pop open the little doors at either end of your radio face and look carefully at the screw heads that hold the radio in. They may be standard 6-sided 3 mm allan screws on a Z3. My e36s use special 5-sided allan wrenches that are hard to find.

thanks drove till raido went to code
will call monday to dealer 7 HOPE TO GET ANTI-THIEF code.

have S N off raido.