What to do


ive had my car to dealer 2 times and spent over 1600.00 on repairs they said it needed to make my car start properly and still doesnt wanna start please tell me what i should do???


The first thing that you should do if you expect an answer that will help you is to tell us:

*Year, Make & Model of car
*Number of miles on the odometer
*Maintenance status (Have you maintained it according to the manufacturer’s specifications, or is it one of those cars that rarely receives maintenance?)
*The exact symptoms (Ambient temperature when you experience a no-start problem, noises that you hear while trying to start it, and anything else that you can think of related to the problem)
*The repairs that have been done so far in order to try to remedy the situation.

You wouldn’t call a doctor on the telephone, simply say “I don’t feel well”, and expect him/her to know how to cure you. Fixing cars is similar in that information on the symptoms is vital if someone wants a cure.


I can only assume that the OP finally got his/her car started or that he/she did not want to provide the information that would be necessary in order to actually give a response with some value.

Go figure!


Guess it want a hopeless car!!!