Self healing no start

1991 Chevy Lumina (the Luminator)V6, 180Kmiler. For a couple of months the car would crank but restart after stopping to run an errand. It would restart after 45 minutes or so and always started in the morning or after sitting at work all day. It has healed and does not do it any more. Will it completely give up the ghost suddenly some day. Can I out guess it and do something to fix it so it never does that again. It’s a good car and get 30mpg on the interstate.

Think of what you are asking. “Can I do something that guarantees my car always runs like it should”? Obviously no. You can only do things that lessen the chance and if they are not done right its a one step forward two steps back.

More directly cars do not heal themselves,perhaps your perception of the problem has changed.

Do what we all should do when it comes to machines,maintain properly,carry a cell phone. Yes you could be presented with a no-start condition at any time,but this is true even with a new car.

Thanks for the speedy response! No, my perception of the problem has not changed. For a while it would not start for 30-45 minutes after stopping. Now, it always starts. I’m sorry my lousy sense of humor has put you off a bit. I know cars do not ‘heal’ or respond to repair for ever. Thanks again for your speedy response.

Not put off,that just me. If we jump into the just want to change something,price out fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator,take a look at what type ignition system your car has concentrate on heat sensitive parts. This is a rather pricey way to go at it but if the parts are installed correctly I feel your chances of this car stranding you are less. I myself sometimes perform auto mechanical maintiance with this mindset.

For you free time reasearch your cars ignition system and quad drivers (not the ATV type)