Tough to Start

My car does not start so easy.

It takes multiple trials to start engine, although sometime it needs just one. Two places (Picked from Cartalk mechanics)did not figure it out what is wrong with this.

Starter was replaced last fall. I,many times, need to give some extra gas to start the engine. Any suggestions???

How long has it been like this? Did it just start having problems, or did it sort of creep up on you?

When was the last time you replaced the plugs, wires, air and fuel filters? Oil filter? Has there been any other problems?

Describe exactly what happens or does not happen when you turn the key?

What year Infinity do you have? Have you owned it from the time it was new? Any other problems?

If what you mean is that you turn the key and nothing happens then the first thing to do is just to clean and inspect the battery cables.

If you mean that you turn the key, the engine cranks over strongly, but the engine just doesn’t fire up then specify whether this is only a cold start problem (like first thing in the morning), or only a hot restart problem, or whether it doesn’t matter whether the car’s been driven that day or not.

If it is just a cold restart problem, then try this: turn the key to on until the dash board lights all come on, but not all the way to cranking it. Pause a few seconds (listen for a 2-3 second humming noise - that is your fuel pump). Turn the key back off, then to on for a few seconds, etc. Do that about 5-6 times and then try. If it starts right up then you probably have a bad check valve in the fuel pump and possibly along with that a pump that is getting weak. Did either of these mechanics check the fuel pressure?

If it is a hot restart problem only, hold the gas pedal to the floor while you crank it. If that gets it to start then you likely have either leaky fuel injectors or a bad fuel pressure regulator allowing gasoline into the cylinders (injectors) or intake (regulator) while the car sits. (When you work the throttle, btw, you are actually giving the engine air, not gas. The computer controls the gas flow - your throttle controls air flow).

Exactly what happens when you turn the key?

I looked…they started making the I30 in 1996, so you have an OBDII system. Have you checked for stored codes?

Thank you for your reply…
Since starter was replace last fall,it was not exactly what used to be,meaning it sometimes required second try to start. It was not that bad. The frequency of multiple try increased recently (these two months or so) so I went to two different repair shops. The first place where they replaced starter last fall did “tune-ups” as you mentioned (thank you, I forgot to mention) and recommended me to give extra gas when I have difficulty to start.And also told me to get the 93 octane gas next time (only once is OK), which may help. It took me one month to empty gas since I drive a few miles a day. I drove a few miles since I changes the gas so I may have to wait to see. But I needed to hear some opinion from cartalk listners like you. ABS light has been on and I was told that this is due to loosen connection or dirt by other garage. It sometimes turns off and mostly on. Other than that, there is no problem. How to describe what happens …??? It makes noise…the car is trying to start and the extra gas (pumping accel) helps to start the engine. Some time I have to repeat this sequence several times. I do not know gas-pumping is doing anything…I have this since 2001 (this baby was three years old) and now it has close to 180K miles. I never had any serious problems with this car. I used to drive a lot everyday but due to a recent move and change of commute dramatically changed the daily use. It was a long answer… Hope this will help.

If this is a cold start problem, you might need to replace the evap canister.

My problem is a hot start…
As you suggested, I held the gas pedal while I cranked it.
It worked very well. Thank you very much for your explanation, too.
Now, I know what might be wrong with my car.
Perhaps I van suggest my repair people some.
Thank you again.

Thank you for your reply.
As I mentioned above, the car is trying to start by making some noise when I turn the key.
It starts roughly when I pumped while I cranked.
I never checked (knew) OBD II system, but I hope my mechanics did that.
Thank you.

I do not think it relates to the cold temperature.
Thank you.

cold start is about the engine temp, not the weather condition. so it does seem that when the engine is cold it is hard to start, is it equally hard to start when the eninge is warmed up such as when you come out of the quicky mark after going in for a slurpy?

It is equally hard even when the engine is warmed up.

You seem to have found a way to get it start with the help of cigroller, but I just want to say thank you for staying on the thread and providing useful information, you are an execptional poster to stay with us as we question you so persistently. Now that you have some clues I hope you can pass them on to your mechanic and get a technical fix. You are the ideal OP.

What can I say…
I just really appreciate all of you who spent time for my questions and I try to respond
with respect to all. Thank you very much.