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What to do with the kitty litter!

You morons! The best place for the man who was carrying around the kitty litter to get rid of it was at a CAT SHELTER!!! Not at a garage! Don’t you ever think of anything that isn’t connected with garages? Shelters at both ends of his trips would have been glad to get that litter, or bags of food.

Now that’s thinking outside the (cat) box…

Great thinking on the cat shelter.

Here is my idea (actually 2 ideas):
1- stop by Home Depot on the way out of town, buy bags of something, and return them as soon as you arrive close to the destination. That’s free weight!
2- buy something inflatable (like balloons), and fill them with water, then place them in the carrier. Upon arrival, empty the water and keep the balloons (which take no space) for next time!


works great if you get stuck on ice - with limitations.

I spead it on on sidewalk in the winter; the alternate freeze and thaw cycles can make it very slippery. It’s bettter than salt, which will kill your grass.

I signed up for the forum JUST to say - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to a shelter! Of course, the idea of a purchase and return would work…but the shelters would be happy to take your donation of litter (or food, which would also be weight!).

Wouldn’t suggest using kitty litter at all! That stuff if really really bad for runoff into our oceans and seeping into our water tables. Use saw dust or wood chips. It works better and if you have a stove, or fire place you can just burn it rather than the nasty chemicals in the litter running off and contaminating our drinking water or going into the ocean.

No kidding! Or buy dog food and give it to a shelter. or take the bottled water and give it to a human shelter or food bank. Duh!

Nasty chemicals in cat litter???

If someone buys plain cheapo cat litter, it consists solely of clay.

If the purpose is to simply spread it on slippery surfaces, or to carry it as ballast, why would anyone buy any type of cat litter other than the cheapest available? Yes, there are more expensive types available, and these may contain some fairly noxious stuff, but who in his right mind would buy “premium” cat litter as either ballast or for traction?

You can’t get something more natural and non-toxic than clay, and the cheapo cat litter is nothing but clay.