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What to do about lane weavers

Lately I’m noticing more people weaving out of lane on my local superslab. Near misses are becoming routine. What’s the right thing to do if someone comes at you from the side?


- NF

Yes, there are a lot of really incompetent drivers with whom we share the road.
As a result, you need to drive defensively.
Someone cannot “come at you from the side” if you are not in a vulnerable position that allows this to happen.

Never ride in someone’s blind spot, and–whenever possible–do not ride next to another vehicle.
When I pass another car on a multi-lane highway, I pass very rapidly, so that my period of vulnerability is minimized.

I have no idea what you are talking about - just people drifting out of their lanes?

Certainly there are times when you have no choice - very heavy traffic. But, in general this should be relevant only for brief periods as you pass or are being passed - because you should never be riding alongside of someone.

People will yell at me for it to be sure - but I’ve been known to weave “at” people a little bit. You know that kind of driver that decides for a really long time that their speed is higher than yours, but then they decide to pace you just as they get right behind or next to you? Stupid and rude doesn’t even begin to say it. So, yeah. I’ve been known to “weave” a little to maybe tell people that this is a dumb idea.

Are you driving in heavy traffic? If not, you should wonder about yourself. Or better describe what you mean.

If someone starts to come at you from the side, the best defense is to be aware of what’s around you so you know where to go to escape. If you can’t escape, laying on the horn might help.

You should check to see if these people are talking on cell phones. If they aren’t, I would report them as possible drunk drivers.

Get yourself one of the good old pre-1976 cars with a 5,000+ pound curb-weight and give 'em a little attention getter! It’s what I’d like to do but I make good use of the horn and do a lot of praying.

Assuming the lane weaver went past you and is now in front of you, give them some extra space in case they cause an accident you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the mayhem.

If you have a passenger get a mile marker noted and have the passenger call 911 and give the dispatcher your position on the highway. If this is an impaired driver, or an aggressive driver, the highway patrol can handle it from there.

You’re still not as bad as a typical DC driver. You’ve got to be a little agressive in that traffic.

I actually grew up driving in NY. Aggressive is normally part of everyday survival. I’m now in VA. Here I’m pretty sure people think I’m aggressive when I think I’m being overly mellow.

I thought you lived in DC! Richfolks in VA… and you certainly have a long commute to NE DC every day.

I’ve always had a fascination with Demolition Derbies.

Situational Awareness.

As VDCdriver said - you should avoid situations where what another driver does puts you in a precarious position. So avoid being in someone else’s blind spot and makes moves that avoid others being in your blind spot. Don’t pull up beside someone else, and don’ allow situations where they can pull up beside you. Don’t tailgate and back off a bit if someone is tailgating you.

Just remember: It is easier to manuever around a situation than it is to brake to a stop.

Slowly some of you will come around; there is a place for those big bad SUVs. Dump trucks with big ugly plows on the front get cut off a lot less than compacts.
Seriously, it’s really irritating when you try to keep space around you and the same jerk who gets upset if you tail gate him, pulls in so close after passing, it creates the same situation; my gripe.

Best thing to do is to install a dash camera on your car, and record everything as you drive.
Then let them hit you.
And finally, Profit.


Mount that dash cam on your powder blue Crown Victoria for everyone to see, add a whip antenna mounted on the rear fender for good measure. Passers will treat you with respect. Why do you think so many retirees drive them ?

The VAST majority of people I see who are weaving…are also texting or dialing their cell.

The State Trropers around here have a couple of 2-foot antennas on the trunk. I’m sure it’s th epolice since they have government tags and ID numbers on the trunk.

I thought this would be a thread about a new country singer “Lane Weavers”, but no, just another bunch of bad drivers