What the... This is different

Chevler PT Cruventure?

Someone did a lot of pretty impressive fabrication to make something this weird.

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It is different. I wonder if it helps or hurts the aerodynamics?

It looks like a MiniVan with a PT Cruiser front end. Looks pretty good though.

And I’m pretty sure it’s a stretched minivan. That section between the driver door and the sliding door isn’t part of the original Venture van.

Definitely stretched. I wonder if it is or was used as a limo?

That’s a whole lot of sophisticated body work for an old minivan. Why?

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I couldn’t agree with you more

Not to mention you’ve apparently mixed a mopar and a chevy . . . I imagine it took a lot of :moneybag: to make everything work well together. I’m thinking from an electronic perspective, here

I’ve seen photos of just about everything stretched including an H1.
But the coolest I ever saw was the Munstermobile!

I suppose it depend on what parts are available at the local U pull lot.

Bet you haven’t seen a stretch like this!


I am thinking photoshop,

Yep, you couldn’t drive it on public roads without a permit and guide vehicles.

Nope, it’s real. It’s one of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan’s oddball vehicles, which also include a Dodge Power Wagon that appears from the outside to have been built for giants:

but on the inside you find an entire house.

And yes, it does move. Under its own power.

Here’s a really old vid of Clarkson showing off some of his rides, including the Power Wagon:

So much time, so much money, and I can’t even get my garage cleaned up.


Like my Dad used to tell me- anybody can do it with money…

Some pretty impressive stuff regardless.

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