Latest Performance Mod?


Not really a question but a general comment in regards to “tuner” cars.

I think I’ve seen everything now.

On the way home this evening a kid in 4 door Neon in so-so condition went by me.

Typical of the type; slouched in the seat, cap on backwards, and large exhaust tip.

His non-conventional modification was removal of the hood, adding a cone filter, painting a few things under the hood yellow; and the kicker.

About 15-20 swathes of “Crime Scene - Do Not Cross” tape running in a criss-cross pattern all over the top of the engine compartment.

A horsepower mod I’m not familiar with, or does he just like watching it flap in the breeze?

Some of you may get a chuckle after picturing that in the minds eye. :slight_smile:

That one has to take the cake IMHO.


I’ve occasionaly seen bumper-less modifications(with or without the reinforcement) at Long beach, CA. And now you’ve spotted the other variant “hood-less”. I’m not an anthropologist but guessing there might be a “door-less” or “rear hatch-less” variant.


That’s funny, the crime scene tape is a nice touch.


Perhaps the tape is an inexpensive replacement for carbon fiber.


OK you seem to have a lot of experience in cars…have you ever built a street rod??? I helped a friend build one…With an open engine. Here in NH (and many other states) if you don’t have a hood you MUST have at the very least - BELT guards (usually made from steel). It’s amazing what STUPID things kids will do.


The guy might be a buyer for this as well.

Be sure to read the seller questions at the bottom.



Is that like “Real Simulate Wood”???


He has GOT to be kidding! That’s hysterical!

And I thought the old vinyl roofs pretending to be convertibles were silly!


No, I’ve never built an open street rod but a few friends of mine have built a number of custom cars and street rods. My brother in law has even addressed the state legislature before on issues pertaining to custom cars.

I agree that it’s stupid of someone to have an open belt drive on an exposed engine. Just too easy to get hurt.
As far as I know, OK does not require anything.


I’d like to say that it’s hard to believe someone would stick that junk on their car but after the Neon I’m not surprised at anything.

Even the car makers have come up with a few tacky ones.
Back in the early 80s Subaru actually built a 4 door sedan that was supposed to be a little brother to the Lincoln Town Car.

Thick padded vinyl roof, opera windows, and covered with cheap, gold electroplated plastic widgets everywhere.
Hard to believe Subaru only sold a few of those rolling embarassments.


maybe someone stole the car and the hood, was involved in a crime, but they never recovered the hood.


it is a crime to have such a neon with a cone filter, ps not a tuner, a ricer!


Kids have always done this stuff . . . the “jalopies” of the 20’s, the “rods” of the 40’s & 50’s, way-out custom VW bugs of the 60’s & 70’s . . . let 'em go, they’ll be grown-ups soon and have to get serious like we all did. :0)


He’s having a scoop put on his hood and will get back to you on that.


Isn’t it the truth? I remember when I was a teenager in New Jersey (late 60s to early 70s) there was a brief period of about 6 months or a year where everyone had to have “lace” painted accents on their car. Fortunately, I never had the money to do it to my car . . . :wink: