What size hubcentric rings do I need?

I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander V6 3.3L. I have a set of steel rims with a centre bore of 70.1mm. The vehicle spec says centre bore should be 60.1mm. Just wondering what size hubcentric rings do I need? Thanks

Simple math… rings with 60.1 mm ID and 70.1 OD. 5 mm ring thickness.

Did you think this was a trick?

Good luck finding a set for use with steel wheels, most are made for aluminum wheels.


Oh, I didn’t realize it would matter if they were used on alloys or steelies. So how do I know if they will work for steel rims? Sorry this is probably a stupid question.

This place has that size, don’t know if they’ll work with steel rims, worth contacting them. I’ve never used them.
Hub Rings / Spigot Rings for Wheels from USA $6.25 / pcs - HubCentric-Rings.com

Given these are plastic (I looked up the size) and there is a small tapered lip that goes against the car’s hub, that tapered lip should hold it in place without interference. The steel center is rolled out from the hub face so there should be a radius with some space.

Assuming, of course the website doesn’t just tell you that. … edit: Which it does not!

I assume the steel wheels bolt pattern is same as vehicle? And the stud holes are sized the same? Like 12mm or 14mm?

Probably better off visiting a (few maybe) custom wheel shop and ask them… This is there specialty…

But I have seen a lot of wheels and custom wheels and have never heard of nor seen a steel wheel with centric rings…