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Switched to smaller rims

Put on my new 15" rims and Continental Pure contact 195/65/15:

Replaced 205/55/16 steel rims.
Haven’t driven much yet, but the steering feels lighter at low speeds and the new wheels weigh 31lb vs 39lb of the old steelies /w Yokohama Avid Envigor.
Looking forward to a smoother ride and less road noise.
Also, new Raybestos Advanced Technology rotors and pads; cleaned and lubed the rear brakes.
2006 Toyota Matrix

An unusual decision, but it sounds like for you it was a good one.
Happy motoring.

Stuff that works is all that matters, let us know how it all works out as far a mileage etc.

New tires do not always equal quieter ride. About 300 threads here on which tires to buy. Mileage? Grip? Handling? Noise?

By appearance anyway, it looks like that’s the size that would come w/the car new. Its a nice visual proportion. Did the car come w/16 inch tires new? If so, was there a 15 inch option?

&hThis came with 205-16 - Just realise you have reduced the load capacity and your speedometer is now reading faster than you are going. Your odometer is adding miles a little faster.
I once changed rom !85 -70-14 to 185-75-14 and the tire shop made me sigh a disclaimer that I had been warned that it negatively affect the handling of my car.

and your speedometer is now reading faster than you are going

Nope. The tires are virtually the same diameter. The 195/65/15’s are less than a tenth of an inch bigger or 3/10s of a percent. The speedo would read slower, but only a tiny bit. Higher aspect ratio tires usually have a bit more load rating than a comparable low aspect tire of the same width. These are slightly narrower. Load ratings could be a wash, depends on the rating on the sidewalls of each tire.

Should provide less impact harshness with the taller sidewall. Tire noise will depend on the tire itself. The size really isn’t the primary consideration, the construction is.

Looks good, though!

The Matrix is essentially a Corolla Hatchback. Weighs about 200lb more.
The basic Corolla comes with 195/65/15, the Matrix 205/55/16.
These 15" tires have the same 91H load/speed rating as the original 16".
I’m expecting less road noise (transmission of the road surface), tire noise is a separate issue.
This was a tire+wheel package from TireRack.

It’s pretty common to plus-size (or in this case I suppose minus-size) tires so that the overall diameter is the same as it was with the previous-size wheels. Any competent tire shop will know about this and just do it without even being asked.

Wheels look good! Nice to see someone daring to buck the trend of low-profile, giant cartoon wheels. Oz/MSW makes really good stuff too, so you bought quality.

I agree, the low profile tires common today look ugly (to me) and can be a safety issue (hit a pothole and they are toast).

Most vehicles in that range are available with either 16" or 15" wheels. The high performance models have fat 16" one that give better traction but a stiffer ride.

My 2014 Mazda 6 came with 19 inch wheels and low profile tires. For my snow tires I ordered 17" wheels and higher profile tires (stock on the touring and sport versions) and they work great in the winter for a fraction of the cost of 19" wheels and snow tires.

Mustangman, you are right of course, my old eyes didn;t see he changed from 55 aspect to 65.

Road noise vs tire noise? Noise is created when tire hits road.

Tire noise: driving on a glass smooth surface the tread pattern of the tire will make a sound.
Racing slicks will make very little; knobby offroad/mud tires will make a lot.
Most tires have a tread blocks etc. that vary in size and shape going around the tire, to avoid a steady humming sound.

Road noise: real-word roads have irregular surfaces; and the tire rolling over those make various sounds.
Pretty obvious driving, say, from a concrete onto an asphalt surface.

I did the same sort of swap on my wife’s car some years ago, to get a smoother ride, cheaper tires of similar quality, and less likelihood of her ripping the sides of tires open on curbs. It worked fine. The "reason " for large diameter wheels is that the tires are more stable in hard cornering, and because people think they look cool. I don’t care about either.

One more advantage of these smaller rims - much less chance of ‘curbing’ the wheel, lots more tire to protect it. I won’t get a car with wheels that stick out beyond the sidewall - many of the low profile ones do.

I chose 6" wide rims over 6.5" to help keep the rims off the curb.

Ive had the same tires on my Accord for over a year and I am happy with them. Tire noise is acceptable and road grip in any conditions are is very good.

i crank the stereo and cannot hear my noisey tires. Or even the cop behind me with his siren on.