Center Spigot

Can the center spigot of a set of steel wheels be bored out? I have seen spacer rims and have heard of aluminum rims center spigot being bored larger, but not steel wheels.

I was wondering because I was given a set of used steel wheels with brand new snow tires on them. I have a 99 Ranger 2wd, the bolt pattern is the same on the used rims (there is a Ford logo stamped on them) as the truck, but the spigot is too small.

Any ideas? Probably just be cheaper to pick up a set of new wheels?

Be very careful of using these wheels. Boring them out might weaken them. There could be fit issues that you can not see. In addition, the wrong offset can affect handling and suspension wear. What vehicle did these come from? If you know you may be able to ask at a Ranger site and someone might know if they will work. Wheel swaps are a popular activity. I know that it will cut into the value of your tires, but the safest thing to do is to pick up some used rims at a salvage yard. Call around for the best price.


No. Don’t even waste your time. The issue is “hub centric” versus “lug centric” wheel design. Your Ranger is hub centric. That means that the hub of the axle centers and supports the load of the wheel center bore (your “center spigot”).

Find a set of matching, hub centric wheels,

I don’t know what they came off of other than it was a Ford, but they look like they may be off an older Ranger. 14in steel wheels, same or very close offset. The spigot was close enough that I briefly considered forcing it on. Maybe I can trade the old rims for a set that matches mine.

Thanks Matt. I guess I have my answer.