What should i do? 2017 Chrysler Pacifica only drive 35K mile and repaired 4 times

i bought chrysler pacifica in 2016, drived 35K. engine light always on. i have returned to dealer 4 times to fix the problem. it is out of warranty now and i have to pay for the repare. check engine light is on again, i went to dealer diagnosed transmision has problem, steering wheel stuck when turning right as well. so many problems but it is out of warranty. a vechicle with 35K mileage shouldn't have so many problems.
 can i ask factory to take the vechicle back or is there anything i can do?

Did you have it repaired under the warranty? We’re the repairs always for the same thing? Tell us what the repairs were. You may have alemon law case, but it has not likely been in often enough to qualify.

The Powertrain warranty is for 5 years/60,000 miles.

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Even if it only has 3 year warranty, it must only be out of warranty by a small amount of time. Look in your owner’s manual. There should be contact information so you can contact Chrysler rep directly. I think that’s the first step towards a resolution to this problem.

To avoid this sort of problem going forward, next time you buy a car make sure to check what the Consumer Reports Reliability Guide says about its predicted reliability. Your odds will be better if you buy a make/model that has among the best reliability ratings. Also you’ll generally get better reliability with a car that doesn’t have a lot of gadgets and gismos, and one that has a manual transmission. So if you can compromise on any of that, it will also improve your odds.

It has been 25 years since Chrysler offered a minivan with a manual transmission.


After 3 years?
There are no Lemon Laws in The US that would mandate a vehicle buy-back after that length of time. Perhaps laws are different in the country where you reside, but no US state has a Lemon Law of this nature.

If the vehicle’s Powertrain Warranty is still in force, then a dealership should be able to fix the underlying problem(s). If the dealership that you have been using has been unable or unwilling to fix the problem(s), then perhaps you can find a different Chrysler dealership that is more cooperative/more competent.

You are not out of warranty. If you had the first check engine light (MIL malfunction indicator light) within the first year and after multiple trips back to the dealer it has not been fixed, then you may still be eligible for dealer buy back, but you won’t get full price. There will be a mileage deduction, I.e., they my deduct something like $0.50/mile from the original purchase price.

If the MIL comes on within a couple of days after leaving the dealer, they did not fix the problem, all they did was reset the light. But you say it was repaired 4 times in the last 4 years means that either you ignored the MIL for long periods of time or they did fix it but each MIL was for a different reason so the Lemon Law would not apply.

If it is a transmission issue this time, it should still be covered under warranty. If the vehicle still seems to run OK for you, it could be a simple repair like a sticking valve, a bad sensor or just needing an ATF change.

Very helpful, best answer I got. Thanks

Are there any mini-van-like vehicles sold today that have a manual transmission option?

Nope. Few new vehicles of any sort are sold with manual transmissions. Not in the USA, anyway.

I’m not surprised that SUV manufacturers are not selling manuals these days; but from what I can tell you are correct, very few manual transmission equipped new vehicles sold in the USA at all. Toyota says only 1% of their USA line is sold as manual transmission. Corolla hatchback though is more, 15% manual.