2003 Santa fe crank sensor

4cyl changed timing belt, code read crank sensor, replaced it twice with new one still reads it. car ran for a minute now won’t start, no spark and no fuel vapor, could it be the computer

Have you check the under hood fuse ECU#3 10 amp fuse? That supplies battery voltage to the CKP, CMP, MAF, etc. You could check that there is B+ to the sensors and to the computer.

Hope this helps.

Did you do the belt or a shop? If you think its the computer why? Did you do something? I wonder if there is a problem with the timing that the software may be trying to indicate by saving the engine. The fuse is an idea but why would that go unless something was damaged. Can you get a code from the computer?

Sry for the not to much info, It was at my friends garage, he’s to proud to ask himself, he did the timing belt, when they checked for code it keep saying crank sensor so he replaced it again, it was an after market one, I’ll get the codes and let you know, I will tell him about the fuse,