What’s wrong with my car?

We were driving down the street when we heard something dragging. We got out and saw this… What is this part called and how easy is it to fix?

Would REALLY help if you told us what kind and year car this is…

Looks like a broken driveshaft. Easy for me to fix, may be impossible for you.

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Sorry. It is a 2011 Dodge Nitro.

The driveshaft broke.


RockAuto has one for $800.00.


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So your car is still drivable?Could be a piece of the exhaust or even a shock absorber.

It must have all wheel drive. That part hanging down is a driveshaft. Or actually half a driveshaft. They cost about $400. Not too hard to replace if you have the right tools. The far bigger issue is WHY did the shaft destroy itself?


There are $400 driveshafts for that car on rock auto, but the driveshaft that looks like that is $821. + shipping and tax.

As Mustangman said, why did it break? Car driveshafts usually break at the u-joint, not in the middle like that. I have seen class 8 trucks with insanely heavt loads break a driveshaft but they twist then in two.

Car was towed?

Sure looks like it has been significantly polished just in front of the break. Like a center mount bearing or something was there. Perhaps some part like that seized up and the shaft twisted in half…

Get it to a trusted mechanic, get an estimate. Likely more needs repairing than just the driveshaft.