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Bad Drive Shaft?

What are symptons of a “bad” drive shaft? Just curious because during a recent trip to the dealership for an oil change a mechanic told me I had one(I had mentioned I heard a noise that seemed to speed up and slow down as I drove-kind of a whirring noise). He arrived at that diagnosis by pushing down on the hood with enough force to make the vehicle(2002 Chevy Trail Blazer w/4wd) bounce up and down - there was a clunking noise. I haven’t taken it in to have it looked at more closely, mainly because I am afraid of the cost. What’s involved in replacing a drive shaft? What’s the cost? If it is really “bad” will it break suddenly and cause an accident? Any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.

You need to have a complete inspection of the suspension and the steering components performed. Because from what you describe there are multiple problems.

And unfortunately, GM didn’t exactly install robust components in the steering and suspension of your vehicle.


Thank you. Prior to this latest issue I have replaced ball joints, shocks/struts, front sway bar/bushings, brakes, and oh yes, the engine. No one mentioned the drive shaft during those repairs. The only bright spot is that I don’t have a car payment!