Drive shaft fell out

My rear drive shaft fell out and I was wondering if this is something that I could fix on my own, I don’t have the funds right now to take it to a shop. Oh I also ended up driving it in four wheel drive using the front drive shaft for about 2 miles to get it home, dragging the rear shaft. I know I probably made things worse but I cant afford a tow either. ANy suggestions would be helpful.

I guess you should know its a 1998 Toyota Tacoma.

Get under there and look, If it was just a u-joint that went bad and broke apart you can replace it easy.
Make sure driveshaft and rearend was not hurt where u-joints connect them.

But after you dragged it for 2 miles, there is probably not much left of the rear U-Joint yoke. Both the driveshaft and the saddle on the rear-end will need careful inspection for damage…

Well I looked under it and the drive shaft end was ground down a bit about a quarter of an inch all the way around where it got ground down. the parts missing are the sleeve yoke, the sleeve yoke plug and the spider journal is completely sheared in half. not any damage underneath besides that.looks like something I should be able to fix. Sorry if I sound like a poser, I had to look up a diagram to figure out the names of the peaces. good to know though.

You might be able to get a complete used driveshaft in good shape from a wrecking yard.