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Drive Shaft

So I drive a 2003 VW Touareg…and the other day while driving, felt this strange vibration when accelerating over 10mph. The dealership said it was an $1800 repair and diagnosed it as the drive shaft.

Reasonable price?

The dealership will use a VW OEM part however there may be some aftermarket ones available or rebuilt parts for possibly 1/3 - 1/2 of the price.

I would contact an independent shop(possibly VW specialist) and see what they come up with.

Also maybe google “Touareg driveshafts” and find out the scoop.

Good luck,

There’s been a trend to make driveshafts non-serviceable. A U-joint fails and this leads to a pricy shaft replacement instead of a simple, inexpensive fix.

That being said, the price could be fair I’d go in a different direction.
There’s a rebuilt driveshaft on eBay right now for 525 or best offer as Option 1.
Option 2 would be to check the Yellow Pages if you live in or near a major metro area and see if you can find a specialty shop that can repair yours. These are usually listed under the “Drivelines” category.

The one near me charges anywhere from about 200 dollars for the lesser headaches and up to 4 or 5 hundred dollars on the more complicated ones.