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What’s this sound?.. creaking/clicking brake and accelerator

I purchased a UX250h 2/15/2019. I’m noticing an intermittent creaking, clicking type sound (sounds almost like a children’s toy) at low speeds (<20mph) when I depress the brake or accelerator. The sound is also observed when releasing brake/accelerator. I’ve owned 4 other Lexus vehicles, 2 of which were also hybrids and have never experienced this. I can’t imagine that this is normal. Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Attached is a short video where the sound is evident with the volume turned the whole way up. *Note: there was also a squealing sound secondary to a rotor defect. They machined it and it seems fine now. This creaking/clicking sound was unable to be reproduced at the dealership.

This is a brand new 2019 Lexus UX250h, a hybrid design, right? If the sound seems to be coming from the area of the pedals, I’d guess it is just the bushings in that area are squeaking a little. Manufacturer’s use urethane bushings quite a bit now, and those tend to be a little squeakier than the type they used before. The urethane version lasts longer though, so that’s the upside. That should diminish over time.

If the noise is coming from the engine/wheels area, the dealership shop is gonna have to inspect for that. You may have to bring it to them several times, or even leave it there for a week or two, until they can get it to occur. Could be the hybrid drivetrain, and/or regenerative braking.