Creaking from brake and accelerator from MG HECTOR

Hi ,
I own a Mg Hector hybrid (6 months old) 6500 km on the odo.
A creaking noise comes whenever the brake or accelerator is pressed specially when the angle dips or raises as in braking or accelerating.
It has gone for the rectification of the same to the service centre 3 times but to no avail.
They have done everything from replacing shockers, brake cleaning , Retorquing the subframe mounts, yet the noise is present.
The sound doesn’t come on standstill and also it doesn’t come on bumps or potholes.
They say thay it isn’t due to engine mounts , transmission mounts. or suspension

When the subframe screws were checked they were all tight
When the subframe screws were retorqued it was then that the sound disappeared for about 10 days and then returned.
The other 2 times when just brakes were cleaned and greasing was done the the sound came back in a day

What could be the reason ?
Is it a major fault?
It is there since the 2nd month
Please advise :pray::pray:

This is mainly a US site so there is not much chance of someone even knowing what a MG Hector is. In the US a problem like this is kicked up to the corporate level . Your owners manual should have contact numbers . The other thing is to find is to find a MG Hector specific site.

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Sir , I know this is a US site and no one would be knowing the brand
but this issue is common in many cars , I have seen many posts regarding the same being there in many cars in the US as well as globally ,
but in almost 99% of the cases there has been no fix.

Corporate levels mean taking action the company?

Most of the time, these problems pop up in cars that are much older and have worn and/or dry suspension bushings. Since your car is brand new, your best course of action is to follow up with the corporation, above the dealer.


Is there another dealership or service center you can take it to? It sounds like the people at the one you’ve been using are making an honest effort to fix the problem, but don’t know how.

As to what could be causing the noise, the list is pretty long, and it’d be close to impossible to narrow it down over the internet. You might be able to help people figure it out if you could isolate where it’s coming from. Front or back? Left or right? What happens if you swerve sharply from side to side - does it creak then too?

That could be a clue that the torque specification on those subframe bolts either wasn’t adhered to or is wrong from the factory. But it could also be a clue that your problem is still in the suspension - when they torqued the bolts and when they worked on the brakes, they’d have put the car on a lift which would unload the suspension. Perhaps once the suspension settles back in, whatever is making the noise starts doing it again.

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Sir , the issue has been raised with the company and the company officials are already in the loop from the very beginning.
It is happening under their supervision.

The noise comes from the brakes and accelerator .
On light gas , on any amount of braking (medium to hard) from the driver side below.
No noise on turning.

The noise comes when you accelerate and brake. That doesn’t mean it’s coming from the accelerator or the brakes.

Has anyone checked the engine mounts yet?

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They say that if it would have been engine mounts then you would have felt vibration , banging loud noises

For folks that are curious, the Hector is a badge engineered version of this:
Baojun 530 - Wikipedia

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Yes sir absolutely

Can you post a recording of the noise? To be safe, you should have a friend come along and make the recording. That might help us understand the issue better. You didn’t mention turning. Do turns generate the noise? I’d guess not from your initial post, but it’s good the be certain. The reason I ask is that urethane bushings are known to squeak unless they are properly lubricated.

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No , there isn’t any sound on turning .
The sound doesn’t come on stanstill so I probably think that rough urethane bushings are unlikely.
I have discussed the same with many Hector owners , none has experienced this noise.
It sounds like an old hinge of a door.

That is why you need to try a different dealer and keep after the corporate contact . Also see if you have something like a Lemon Law in your country where ever that is.

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if they used polyurethane body bushing that may be your problem. while they are a better bushing sometimes they tend to squeak.

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If it was the polyurethane bushings then it would have been on standstill too.
The sound is a proper creak like that you get from the hinge of an old/rusted door .
There is no squeal.

they also use polyurethane bushings on suspension parts like the sway bar for example. and it sounds like a creaking sound. just a thought.

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Okay ,
But the service centre people as well as the company says that all the parts of suspension are fine.
Though it could be possible but the thing is that how did the sound go away for 14 days when the subframe screws were retorqued.
Before retorqueing them they said that the screws were tight only.

The other 2 times they cleaned the brakes and lubricated the suspension parts , the sound returned in a day.

tightening the bolts and especially lubricated the suspension parts could of quieted it down for a short while but it will come back. go on youtube and search polyurethane bushing squeaks and see if it sounds like what you have.


It came back after 14 days , so quickly ? Even after greasing
It doesn’t sound like screeching of polyurethane bushings

something they greased stopped the problem. if it was me I would start lubing parts one at a time until the noise went away. then you will know where it exactly its coming from.

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