Cracking Sound when i step on brakes

Ai All,

I have a 2000 honda accord LX,and i have had it for over 2yrs. each time i step on my brakes, i hear a cracking sound. Sometimes when it gets too cold i do not hear the sound. I have taken it to my mechanic and he says nothing is wrong. Does anybody have any idea as to what is happening?


Try to describe the sound better. Can you compare it to anything? Do you mean cracking - as in when ice cracks - or creaking as in like old bed springs? Is it very loud and noticeable? Where does it sound like it is coming from? Did your mechanic hear it? If so what did s/he say? How long has it been going on? Do you notice anything odd in how the brakes behave when it happens? Based on the description thus far one might just say remove the crumpled up paper bag from under your brake pedal - see what I mean?

Thanks, the sound is more like ice cracking,when i do hear the sound, it is very loud and even my radio can not drown it out. it happens when i step on my brakes and it seems to be comming from around the driver side, sometimes it sound like it is comming from the passenger side in front. it is kind of hard to say where it is comming from. my mechanic said it might be two metals touching but he could not find it. I once took it to Big “O” tires and the guys there said it is my shocks that i need to change the shocks, but my mechanic said my shocks are fine. I also occasionally hear the sound when i step on the gas pedal. so i am really sure what to make of it. Any suggestions are welcomed.
Thanks in advance for your response.

Ask your mechanic whether or not s/he’s gotten a good look at the engine and transmission mounts. Especially given the suggestion that it might be metal on metal and that it occasionally happens on acceleration as well as braking, that is where I would be looking.