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Clunk sound

I have a 13 Altima and have been hearing a clunk/pop sound when coming to a stop and sometimes when changing from park to drive and park to reverse. It seems to also be there when accelerating too and the car is also seem to be vibrating when moving at lower speeds. Today i noticed something else. I parked the car and took the key out. I went to the side of the car and slowly rocked it back and forth and started to hear this clunk sound. I have uploaded it to youtube and can be found here . After hearing the sound, i decided to take the driver wheel off and noticed it makes the same sound when i move the tires. It seems to be coming from the CV joint, where it connects to the transmission. why would a car make that clunk sound with the car/key off and swayed back and fourth? does this seem like a CV joint issue or something related to the transmission. Thanks and i appreciate the help

If it’s worse when cornering, probably a CV joint. It needs professional attention.

My guess would be a wheel bearing.
Either way, you should get it to a reputable shop for a look-see.

2013? Under warranty? Get it back to a dealer (sounds terrible!)