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What problems are caused by stripped wheel studs?

I took my car to get the tires rotated. They told me I had a bad ty rod. Then they told me I need two new tires. I said I just bought new tires from this loacation. They said that they way the alignment of the car was that the metal was showing through the tires. Then they said that the wheel stus were bad that they would fix them because they were the ones who put the tires on. Did all these things happen because the wheel studs were stripped? I think I need to get a refund?

did everything go wrong because of the studs? probably not.
how long ago were the tires put on? make sure the wheels are not damaged, it is easy to damage the wheels when they wobble on the studs
if it were fairly recently then i would figure that the tie rod was bad at that time. and if so then they should have noticed it bad back then.
were your old tires wearing improperly?
is the tie rod actually bad or is this just their way to help them recoup the time and money spent to replace the studs.
maybe you really need to go to another repair shop and have it looked at.
good luck
post back and let us know

Do You Have A Relative, Acquaintance, Or Friend Who Is Knowledgeable When It Comes To Cars, To Accompany You To This Repair Shop And Straighten This Out With You.

If there is nobody available then I would go to a different reputable, independent neghborhood (not a large store with a Tire & Lube) tire / wheel alignment shop and explain the situation and see if they’d be willing to take a look at the car for you at their shop. Many will do this in hopes of making a new customer. Then you might know the truth.

I’d be very leery of a shop who noticed a bad tie-rod when I went for a rotation, but didn’t notice it when I went for the tires (if it was just recent). Usually tie-rods wear slowly, not suddenly. Also, the current shop should have noticed stripped wheel studs the first time and if not then they are suspect as the ones who stripped them. That doesn’t sound very professional.

A bad tie-rod certainly could call for replacement, an alignment, and wear tires quickly. What has to be discovered is . . . (1) if it’s really true and (2) how / why it wasn’t caught sooner, rather than later.

Once bitten, twice shy. Once you get it straightened out, the outcome will determine whether you ever want to return to the original shop or perhaps a new one.

I said I just bought new tires from this loacation.” How much time and how many mile elapsed between getting new tires and then being told they were worn out ?


Did you have the car aligned at time of tire purchase. I won’t ask if you hit anything (like a curb) in the period from tire purchase to this tire rotation (why should you say “yes”?