3 sets of new tires because of a "Tow Rod?"

I recently got a new set of tires. A gentleman waved me down on the freeway and told me that the wires were sticking out. I went to the place that I got the tires and now, i suddenly have a bent tow rod. I had asked them to look for stuff like this before they put the tires on in the first place. They did not have time to fix it for the $300+ they wanted but they put new tires on for me. Heres the catch. The warranty on the tires was immediately void because of the bent tow rod. Did these people screw me and and now trying to get me for the cost of fixing the tow rod and 3 new sets of tires? How much should it cost to fix the tow rod?

What you probably have is a bent tie rod. What kind of vehicle is this? It may be important. I can not figure out when the tie rod was bent, before or after the new tires? It would take a significant blow to bend a tie rod. What did you hit with the front wheels to do that?

Please confirm: You went in for tires and asked them to check over your vehicle for wear and damage. They told you that you have a bent tie rod and give you an estimate for repair, but they don’t have time to fix it. You get the new tires on (three tires?). You drive for some time (How long?) and the belts are exposed on your trashed tires (wires sticking out?)

Did they not tell you that the bent tie rod would ruin the tires unless it was replaced and the wheels aligned?

You need to provide some more detail here. You got new tires, gentleman waved you down, bent tie rod, etc.
This did not occur overnight so how long from the time you got new tires until the guy waved you down?

The shop inspected it as you asked but you chose to drive off with new tires. The car should have been driven home and parked until it was fixed.

Fill in the details here but my feeling is that a fair amount of time has elapsed here from the tire replacement until the waving down part.
The shop did not have time to fix it that day but what about the next day, or the day after? Or another shop altogether?
At this point I don’t think you were screwed over at all.

As to tie rod costs, that depends on the type of car, shop locale, etc. but you’ve also neglected that information.

ok4450 asked exactly what I wanted to know also, but I want to add another question:

Why did you have to purchase three sets of tires? Or, was it three tires? There is a considerable difference here.

Please explain the timeframe for the purchase of three sets of tires, and please explain how all 3 sets of tires relate to the tie rod that YOU did not have repaired. As ok pointed out, just because a shop could not replace your tie rod on that particular day, that does not mean that they could not have replaced it on the following day, or that you couldn’t have taken the car to another shop for repair.

As ok implied, I suspect that your tire with the protruding belts did not become that way in one or two days after purchasing them. Please elaborate on the span of time between the tire purchase and the belt problem with the tire(s).