What Off Road Wheels Perfect for my Jeep Wrangler

This is Dustin Jack from Dallas, I have a jeep wrangler 2011 in black color. Now I am going to fully customize my jeep. I have a plan to give my jeep to my son who is recently graduated from the Oxford University. This jeep is very precious for me and I hope my son keep this jeep for his children. I am going to buy online custom off road wheels for my jeep and I am completely confuse. I found two websites for quality off road wheels 1) blackrhinowheels.com 2) https://xmudderwheel.com/

If you want to travel and see some beautiful paths. it’s the jeep you need. your car can’t handle closed roads :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please suggest me which brand is perfect?
I will be thankful to all of you

Best Regards
Dustin Jack

Style is a personal choice…see what looks good on it. Might be a good idea to visit a Jeep forum to see what others think about a particular brand of wheels then you can decide.


Another problem with custom or aftermarket wheels is availability.

Let’s say you like and buy these

3 years or less from now, that wheel may no longer be available and you’ll have to buy 4 new ones if one gets damaged.

Wheel manufactures only make a style for a few years.

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There are more than these 2 sellers of after market wheels . I would want to use a local shop instead of web site purchase. And since you say you plan to give it to your son then he should be involved .

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The practical choice is steel wheels. They are lighter and tougher than most alloy wheels - less likely to crack or break. That can be important for rugged off-road use (or city curbs.) On the highway, the Jeep will accelerate quicker with a lighter wheel/tire combo.


Buy what you like, no ‘perfect’ wheels out there.

But I do get a whiff of Spam from the story…


Yeah you are absolutely right availability can be a issue if one gets damaged.
thanks for your suggestion

Texas probably has never heard anyone in Texas speak like that .


Shanonia you are right that the practical choice is steel wheels.
I also would like to know that are 18-inch steel wheels good for wrangler? or should i consider 17 inch steel wheels?

Are you planning to do serious off roading? If not, I’d rather have a good looking set of alloy wheels. Steel 17" weigh 29 lbs, plenty of alloys on Tirerack that weigh 30 lbs or less, down to 24 lbs.
This lets you look at how they’ll appear:
Wheels for 2011 Jeep Wrangler 4wd Sahara (tirerack.com)

Factory sizes for your Wrangler are 16” and 17”. Make sure an 18” wheel fits before you buy it. Also, the larger the wheel, the lower the aspect ratio. This might not be an issue on the road, but off road driving could be a problem with low aspect ratios.

Tire Rack lists factory size as 18".

It must depend on which trim level you choose. I picked the 2011 Wrangler Sport, and the factory choices were 16” and 17”. Which trim did you choose?

The Sahara

I looked at the 2011 Rubicon and optional sizes go up to 20s. Rubber bands in a Wrangler seems strange to me, but there’s a lot of room for different tastes in car options.

Unless you are going to be rock crawling get whatever you like.
But you said you are giving your precious jeep to your son. so why don’t you ask him what he likes?


Why not just give him the Jeep and $2,000 for tires and wheels

I already knew that he likes “Chrome Wheels”. I want to give him surprise and the other thing is that I don’t wanna waste his time. I am sure that He will be amazed when i give my precious jeep to my son. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then why do your links show Black wheels ?

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