New wheels for my new jeep

thinking of changing my '15 jeep with a new wheels that i just bought from a friend, i already found one online here but kinda expensive for me. any affordable recos

OK , you did a web search and found some that are too expensive for you . Now keep web searching until you find some in your price range or visit one of the many tire and wheel shops and see some in person.


You can also check with local junkyards (pick&pull, auto recycling, whatever they are called in your area), you may find wheels with tires that appeal to you.

Find a Jeep specialty parts or a 4WD specialty website. Those sites sell aftermarket wheels that fit your Jeep for $150 and up. Google away.

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I’d keep current setup for future use.
But, new wheels/tires might increase value.

Same tires or are you changing them too? Make sure the new wheel/tire combo fits the brakes and within the wheel wells without rubbing. Tire Rack has a feature that will show you the sizes that will fit your Jeep without modifying it. They sell wheels too if you want to check them out.