Jeep Wrangler

Does anybody have one? Are they good to drive? I’m 6’3" and commute 20 miles 1 way on country roads, they are paved.

I would not punish myself commuting 20 miles in one of those. There are many much more comfortable vehicles that sell for less. I have ridden in them and always ask myself what makes people buy them, except those living in remote areas, of course.

I had a Wrangler as a rental car once. It was loud, but the ride wasn’t that bad. I drove from Denver to Boulder, CO and back to the airport. The highway was when it was really noisy. Test drive one and see if you like it. If you don’t off-road, you can find a better car for commuting; possibly a Subaru. I don’t know what you mean by county roads, so it’s hard to gauge that comment.

Wranglers are easily one of the best off road vehicles made with all the off road bells and whistles. If that’s not you, IMO, it’s a huge waste of money unless looking like your hardcore is more important than being. It has a following, but without the need, my neighbors that had them dumped them as our road improved.

There is no in between on Wranglers, you either love them or hate them. I bought one for my son in 2000, he still has it and we both love it. The ride is stiff, it is noisy and it will not take S turns at high speed. It is great off road but you have to be willing to put up with the ride and noise for the occasional ride through the mud. See if you can rent one or drive a friends before you buy one.