What OBD2 app do you recommend to read transmission temp?

What OBD2 App do you recommend to read transmission temp? Thanks!!
car: 2010 Sentra SR with 195,000 miles, CVT

You might try Torque Pro or OBD Fusion depending on the type of phone or tablet you have. You will need to buy the OBD2 bluetooth dongle plug-in.

The biggest problem with any of these apps is you never know what they support until you buy them. Torque doesn’t support Ford’s trans temp sensor nor cylinder head temp but OBD Fusion does. Not certain about Nissan.

@bill.s.davidson_175290, you will most likely need to do a great deal of googling to get your question answered

the nature of the problem is that things like transmission temperature and such are not in the “standard” part of the OBD2 PIDs, but manufacturer-specific PIDs

Torque Pro community has a lot of discussion on how to make the application to show these vehicle-specific PIDs, so you better dig there and find out if solution to your problem exists

you can no go wrong with Nissan proprietary “Consult” tool, but it will set you off in mid-4-digits $$$, so you better research your other options

in my particular case, Torque Pro group published Prius PIDs, but upon buying and loading them up, half of them were not working… pretty much I’ve got what I paid for…

You think the suspect performance of trans is due to overheating?

I think the CVT needs a fluid change ASAP as I’ve let it go too long. I think that the CVT is overheating and the onboard computer is limiting RPMs / speed to limit more overheating of the CVT. I want to monitor the CVT temp if I can.

Then change it yesterday before you start trying to find a scanner that can read transmission temps!! Nissan CVTs aren’t known for their longevity or reliability…