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OBD2 does not communicate

Hi guys,
It’s my first time in here and my first question :slight_smile:

Im having hard time to find an obd2 which can work with torque app or any app that’s dispaly gauges.
I tested few of obd2 scanner and none of them work but they work on another cars.
I also tried an expensive obd2 scanner but it didnt work unless if i use the power supplier.

Why it did work with connecting the obd wire + wire to cigarette light? Does that mean there is no enough power from obd or the obd2 has old type of obd ?
Also once i went to a workshop to scan my car and he had to connect his scanner to the battery of the car to read the ecu .

Note : Im using now an paid software for the car Make & model and it work fine with easydiag obd2 , But it doesn’t have the options of gauges like torque app and also it doesn’t open the file of the data in the laptop .

My car is Suzuki Swift 1.5L - 2006

First, check the pin-out of the connector to make sure you are getting 12 from the battery on pin 16 and ground on 4 and 5.

Open this to learn the pin-out locations:

If you are not getting 12v from #16, try ignition on or even with the engine running. No power means the dongle that connects to Torque won’t work. Check for a bad fuse.

Seems like the Bluetooth dongle that works with Easydiag should work with Torque Pro. Maybe you don’t have the Torque set to receive from the Bluetooth devices you own. I have 3 ELM 327 compatible dongles and all work with Torque.


Thank you for your reply,

I do have the pin out. I checked it already with the test light long time ago but i guess im gonna try again with the voltmeter to see the actual volt of each one.
The pin out : 4,5,7,16 ( K line only )
Does it need to have pin 15 ? but from the owner manual there is no pin for 15
I read at obdii site that some obd2 it’s not a real obd2 compatible and this type comes at older model around 1991 - 1996 .

I tried to connect torque pro with easydiag dongle but it won’t connect. easydiag dongle only connect to their own software call easydiag as well .

From the article it says pin 15 is optional plus this is a protocol used by Asian vehicles.

ISO 9141-2. This protocol has a data rate of 10.4 kbaud, and is similar to RS-232.
ISO 9141-2 is primarily used in Chrysler, European, and Asian vehicles.
pin 7: K-line
pin 15: L-line (optional)
UART signaling (though not RS-232 voltage levels)
K-line idles high
High voltage is Vbatt
Message length is restricted to 12 bytes, including CRC

Torque may need a pin 15 to work.

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My car is Asian version.
I also thought if pin 15 was wired it might work.
But there is no way to wire it.
I also was thinking of make an wire as a power supplier from the obd to cigarette sucket. But im not sure where to wire it :sweat_smile:
Also was thinking of taking wire from pin 7 to pin 15 but also not sure if that’s might work

At this point, you should contact Torque Pro and see what help they have to offer.

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