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What manufacturer is this hubcap from!?

We found this hubcap buried behind our sauna. It’s probable been there for at least a few decades. No one has any idea what kind of car it’s from. Who knows!? Please cure our curiosity!

In what country was this found?

A friend figured it out! '48 Oldsmobile


Here’s a link that provides a little background for the various Olds emblems. This particular one was derived from the 1920’s and 30 s design. It may be from a later era, b/c it is simplified from the original.

"This crest included many elements symbolizing Oldsmobile’s increasing prominence in the automobile industry. The winged spur at its center represented harnessing horsepower; the acorns acknowledged Oldsmobile as a seed that helped grow the automobile industry. Also included is the Lamp of Knowledge and micrometer and a triangle signifying research, exactness and precision. This crest would continue to be used on various models and hub caps.

The Winged Spur appeared on such vehicles as the 1934 Oldsmobile Six Touring Coupe complete with “trunk, built into the body.” In 1939, Oldsmobile would introduce 1940 models with the industry’s first fully automatic transmission."