What make/model is this?

Can you help me identify the make/model of the green sedan being washed at…


Rambler American, circa 1966 or 1967

I agree with NYBo. An old book I have shows it could be a 68 based on the grille bars but there’s too much water and soap to be sure and the pic in my book is pretty fuzzy.

(NYBo, there was an older guy on TV a few years ago who had one of those with a mildly modified 304 in it. They showed this guy running heads up against a real Yenko Camaro and he was real close to handing that Camaro driver his head. He lost the first race by about 6-7 lengths, tweaked the timing a bit, and lost the second one by only a few lengths. Pretty impressive for a naturally aspirated car running on all motor with no nitrous. A few more runs and it might have been anybody’s ball game.)


Agree with OK. I graduated in 1965 and shortly after (1966) my classmate bought one of these; you could still get a 6 cyl stripper model with virtually no options. On the other hand you could also have it with a good V8 and turn it into a scorcher. These models painted with garish red white and blue paint jobs were often seen on drag strips.