Leather seats

I need a new used car and I need one with leather seats, rather than cloth. Occasionally I may be dirty or wet when I get in the car. Not terribly dirty or wet, but it does wear out cloth seats.

What models should I be searching for?

$6,000 max

In your budget range there are so many choices from small car - large car.

People may mention seat covers but you must make sure they do not compromise the side air bags in many newish cars.

How about the leather looking plastic. Frankly leather takes more care than cloth and can be damaged much easier than the plastic.

I’m OK with vinyl or faux leather I just need to know what models to look for. I’m looking at cars on-line.

I need to narrow the search.

EVERY CAR that I know of has had a Leather option. In the $6k range I’m assuming it MUST be used. What kind of car are you looking for??? Big, Small, Hatchback…foreign, Domestic. The list is endless.

As for vinyl. There’s HUGH difference in how vinyl seats feel and how leather feels. Especially when temps are below freezing. At cold temps vinyl is very hard and brittle…Leather is harder at colder temps then it is at warmer temps…but it’s no where near as bad as vinyl.

Even cars not sold with leather in standard trim are generally offered with leather as an option. And with used cars you have to choose from what’s available.

Sorry, but with $6K to spend it’s impossible to tell without checking each one out. Luxury makes like Lexus, Infinty and Acura are always good bets but you may have trouble finding a good late model used one for that price.

Just don’t get the tan leather or the white. Some of it is impossible to keep clean.

Crown Victoria or Grand Marquis can be had with leather seating surfaces. If you really want to cheap out, used police cars have vinyl seats and hard floor coverings.

My truck has vinyl seats and rubber floor. I can clean it out with a mop! Pretty much any truck, large or small, is made with a “work” interior as an option. You just have to find one used and in good shape.

Just keep looking around the used car lots. Focus on other aspects of the car you like, like engine options, interior room, etc. You’ll find one with leather or vinyl seats that tickles you. I had the opportunity to buy a base model Crown Vic at one time that had vinyl bench seats front and back. I also found a rubber floor mat that would replace the worn out carpeting for under $200. But, by the time I was ready to deal, it was already sold.

Maybe I should be more specific. I’ve looked at a thousand cars in my price range and they mostly have cloth seats, haven’t even seen vinyl.
I just need a short list of models that might have leather. Through trial and error I found camry.

I just need a short list of models that might have leather

That’s the problem…they ALL have leather. Every car I know of could have come with leather. There is no SHORT list. From Hyundai’s to Mercedes…ALL HAVE LEATHER…at least as an option. Only when you get up in the higher priced cars do you find Leather as STANDARD. But as MB pointed out $6k is going to buy you a old high- mileage and probably unreliable luxury model. You’ll have to keep searching.