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Auto Seat coverings and interior finish work

Why is the leather option more expensive than vinyl or cloth? I see so many people at McDonalds and Wendy’s during lunch that there must be huge piles of leather somewhere. Vinyl and cloth is a major industry and I would guess leather must be going real cheap to someone who makes it sound better than it really is. Hell, the whole car should be covered in leather. It’s gotta be cheaper than paint too.

I thought something similar at the butcher when they had trays of legs but very few breasts. I told my wife “I they have the legs there have got to be breasts somwhere” for some reason she did not get my point.

Now you got me thinking. Utters. What about them? A shoulder bag, saddle bags for the Harley, a multi-flavored lip balm and ammo pouch. The list goes on.