What is this vehicle? Is it M5 or something? I



It appears to be an M5, but BMW does sell somewhat different models in different countries.
This doesn’t appear to have been photographed in The US, so it is possible that it has a different designation.


Is it for sale on CL? License plate is obscured.


Carlos’ list?


M5 fenders, wrong nose, matte finish. Hmmm?


The steering wheel and front plate lead me to believe it is British, and the locale makes me think it’s in the Caribbean. I suppose to could be a wreck that was exported and got the M5 front fenders and nose when it was repaired.


It’s in Sri Lanka. (Probably never heard that name.) It’s less likely to be a V10 Engine cause the taxes are very high (300%) Any suggestions?? Can it be a 520d or something?


Yes , most of us have heard of Sri Lanka . Is that where you are ? If you are not do you realize what a risk and how expensive it would be to have that BMW shipped to you even if it could get through customs .


No way to know which engine without seeing the trunk lid.


I may be alone in this opinion, but when I see a new or nearly-new car with that matte finish, it just looks… ghetto, IMHO. When the current owner is ready to sell that matte-finish car, it will probably limit the number of buyers to a great extent.


Yeah I live in Sri Lanka. That’s why I was wondering what this is. I doubt if this is an M5. I know the taxes are very high & that’s why we have Toyotas :sweat_smile:
You can get slightly used BMW 318I M sport for US$62071.41 :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I was familiar with your country when it was still named Ceylon, and I am probably more knowledgeable about it now, with the name of Sri Lanka. Why would you assume that people in The US never heard of it?


This is an M5


low ride height and low profile tires and debris littered roads? but, it looks good. thats what counts to some folks


Because 9 out of 10 never heard about my country. :neutral_face: Anyway thanq for everyone’s suggestions.


Which survey/study are you citing?


… and that is the M5 that I would prefer!


It’s a top secret NSA CIA joint survey + surveillance on each & everyone of you :laughing: :sweat_smile:


As you guys can see BMW i8 2016 US$109363.92 :no_mouth: