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2012 Dodge Journey Transmission Leak and Rod(?)

My wife texted me and said she heard something dragging the ground. She saw pink fluid on the ground.
I went to check and a U-rod type part (yea, not a car guy) was hanging down underneath the radiator area. And transmission fluid was on the ground. I started it up to see and transmission fluid came out as a small stream. I’ve attached a picture of the hanging part.
A friend said something about transmission oil cooling rod…
Thanks for the help!

That looks liked the power steering line, that loop is the cooler.


So power steering instead of transmission fluid?
How would I check the difference?

The power steering system uses ATF+4, red in color, the same as the transmission. Check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir.

Thanks! Will do.
I’ll update what I find out.

Checked the reservoir. Empty. Gave a quick test drive. No steering help. Thanks for the input. Is there any patch I can do, or am I having to replace it?
The loop end closest to the ground on the back side of the loop dragged for a while and has a hole where the fluid streams out while the car is on.

You cannot seal a hole in steel tube/line. You need to replace the part.

Thanks! Yea, I know the basics - how to change fluids, a tire, battery. That’s about it. Thanks everyone!

Yup that aluminum “loop” is a primitive cooler but a cooler nonetheless. In the real world that loop should have cooling fins attached to it which would make it look like a long rectangular radiator, but this is how things are done these days sometimes. The trans cooler runs into the radiator…so that loopy is almost surely your power steering cooler.

Not a big deal, easy to fix, no panic involved…