What is this piece that fell off my 2009 car

We were tryin’ to get this thing up on ramps, and we overdrove the ramp. BAAM. Wouldn’t be surprised if the whole neighborhood woke in a panic.

Now this little S shaped piece of metal is on my driveway. Keep in mind the ramp BAAMED right behind the front tires. So what is itppicbadcar

It doesn’t look like a car part to me. Are you sure it came out of your car? How big is it compared to a quarter?

looks like the s shaped hook from a bungee cord/rubber snubber


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I use a nearly identical shaped piece to hang brake calipers when I service my brakes. I made it and it is 6 inches long and about 3 across. Not a factory part. Is yours that big? Maybe a previous mechanic left his behind.

Canadian Quarter, about equal size to American

As you can see, there are no jagged ends or clefts in the piece, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on the driveway before

I don’t think that is a car part . It looks like the hook that you use to hang flower pots from tree limbs .

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If it were a car part (and it doesn’t look like it), the only thing it could probably be is some sort of hanger for a rather large hose. The only thing that would use a hose that size is a radiator…so check to make sure none of your radiator hoses are touching something they shouldn’t be. Otherwise I think you’re in the clear.

Is someone in your family gardening these days. A found this

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All above seems to be correct. Everyone keeps saying this is no car part and we haven’t found any hose (including radiator) that this connects to. Just hoping the engine doesn’t fall out