What is this part - Leaking Gas

I have an 04 Pontiac Grandam. Ocassionally in the past I noticed a whift of a gas smell. I usully tossed it up to the car in front of me but recently its gotten much worse. I opened my hood and noticed a small can-like shaped part about the size of a spool of thread after the throttle body that has a tube connected to it and it is covered with gas. Does Anybody know what this part might be? I have pictures of it if anyone can help.

A picture would be most helpful!

Here is a picture of it

Here is a fuller view

It could possibly be a fuel filter that needs replacement and connections tightened. Sorry I do not know all cars and parts but here is a pic.

I don’t think its a fuel filter… Those are usually under the car not too far from the gas tank.

I would agree with you completely, but, big, but, in looking fuel filter for that car came up with part pictured above.
it is
"2004 Pontiac Grand Prix - AC Delco Fuel Filter
Part number: ACGF872
Manufacturer number: GF872"
So maybe there are 2 filters but that certainly looks like the part to me.

I don’t know Pontiac, but that kind of looks like a fuel pressure regulator.

I’m with tardis - its the FPR. The metal tube-looking thing is the fuel rail. The black elbow/tube out of the top is the vacuum supply.

Yep, thats the fuel pressure regulator. Fuel line goes into it, and feeds the fuel rail for the injectors. The rubber diaphram that the vacume is connected to has ruptured so you will need to replace it. It is under high pressure though so you need to make sure the pressure is bled down before working on it or you’ll get sprayed big time.

Thanks so much!! I’ll defiantly have to get that replaced, I wonder if its typical for these to start doing this? I’ve not heard of it before. I appreciate Your help (tardis & cigroller)

It is a fairly common issue. As Bing noted below, the key to the thing is a rubber diaphragm - they brake/split/leak after a while as a matter of course.

Do you know how much this part typically runs? I’m fairly handy mechanically speaking is this something I can replace myself?

Do you know how much this part typically runs? I’m fairly handy mechanically speaking is this something I can replace myself?

You can just go to any auto parts store website to get a price.

It is normally not a difficult repair. In your case, it looks a little cramped in there and the issue may be what you have to move to get to it. Considering you’re this far along and thinking of it, I’d pick up a repair manual for the car which will tell you how to do it (Haynes or Chilton’s manuals are about $20 at an auto parts store). Having one will help you well beyond this repair.

The single most important thing to do is to make sure that you relieve the fuel system pressure before you touch it. You can either pull the fuse for the fuel pump & run the car until it dies. I normally wrap a rag around the schrader valve on the fuel rail and pop the valve with a screwdriver. The rag is a must - the fuel pressure is probably upwards of 50 psi - you don’t want gasoline shooting out at that (or any) pressure.

Replied to identical question above.

Make this one more vote for that being the Fuel Pressure Regulator.
But there is no need to be defiant about it. Just replace it before you begin having big problems with fuel delivery.