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A/C Liquid lines last forever now?

Hello! So I am in a not very interesting dispute with my local dodge dealer–Chapman Dodge. They ordered me the wrong part (liquid line from compressor to receiver dryer when I wanted the liquid line from receiver dryer to both expansion blocks on a 2012 Chrysler T&C Touring L flex Fuel). They won’t take it back cause it was a “special order” (took all of 24 hours to get so…).

Now here’s where it gets fun. I told the fine charming parts manager I was talking to “this isn’t a special order part; it’s something your shop replaces on the regular,” What he told me was that they have the technology now that hoses don’t wear out and if he replaced even two of them in a year they would be in an in stock part.

Have things changed since I was a tech about 17 years ago? I didn’t need the liquid line they got me because I had replaced it already (debris damage to the condenser so I replaced that, the compressor in case sudden lubrication loss had caused damage, and the hoses up front). I replaced that liquid line because it had that greasy dust around the high pressure clamps that indicates refrigerant is seeping through it, evaporating, and leaving the PAG oil to collect dust. I wanted to replace the back line because it shows the same pattern around the clamps. Am I just unusual? Both the dealer and I are here in the desert, but I don’t think I run my A/C any more that most people in the desert, which is to say we ALL run them anytime we’re in the car from May to September for sure. And the aluminum evaporators on these cars (particularly in front A/C) are known for going. I can’t imagine not strongly suggesting the replacement of hoses if I was doing that job on anything over 75k? The aluminum has failed and let 134a leak but the hose is impervious? I know for efficiency reasons these days they want the aluminum as thin as possible but…I’m having trouble reconciling that.

I dunno. Times change, and maybe I’m being crazy. They are certainly treating me like I am. Any input on the current technology of liquid line rubber hoses would be greatly appreciated.

I’m far from an expert. You certainly sound like you have more expertise than me. But nothing lasts forever!

That being said, it doesn’t matter. If they ordered the wrong part, and you specified the correct part that you wanted, it’s kind of on them, in my opinion. Now if you accidentally had them order the incorrect part somehow (by not being specific enough about the exact part you needed, or whatever) and they don’t want to take it back, you’re kind of out of luck…


Did you mean from the CONDENSER to the receiver drier?

Sorry yes. Tired last night. The line they ordered was condenser to r/d.

with that line being upfront, and with font end collisions happening all the time, I find it very hard to believe that this part lasts “forever” or that they don’t replace more than 2 a year.

perhaps time to talk to the parts manager’s boss? ESPECIALLY if they ordered the wrong part as you say.

Ask the dealership if they can put some sort of flag into their parts-inquiry data-base that will inform them at the time their customer wants one that another customer (you) already have one, and you’re willing to sell it at the same price your purchased it. And no waiting for delivery.

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In a situation like this, I would be reluctant to take the word of the guy at the parts counter.

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For brevity I shortened the story. I brought in vin number, part number, part number of the front only A/C model that I know it is not, and told them about how I had been sold a different one by a 3rd party supplier that was two pieces, that mine was one piece, and how it looked and where exactly it attached (R/D front expansion block, and block to under car lines that go to rear expansion block).

Thanks! I didn’t even think of collision damage! Sadly, this IS the parts and service manager. XD At this point I am way more offended by what sound like lies, and the super bad business decision (the hose was $108, I put 60k a year on this van, I’ll use it in a year or two likely). Lets just pretend for a second that they won’t use this part soon, and that it will cost them a few dollars to take it back. Was all that worth the lies, the fact that I will never do business with them, my 1 star yelp review… XD. Like this is CRAZY and this last was a call FROM the parts and service manager who basically yelled at me for 10 minutes tying to come up with more excuses for this to be my fault.

Good Idea George. It was only $108, and I put so many miles on this vehicle that I might use it in a year or two. I lose the opportunity cost of $108 for that time frame so the cost to me is a few bucks. I’m more concerned with what I think are their really belligerent lies. As I mentioned in another post, the claim they never replace these parts came from the parts and service manage who called me.

Just FWIW refrigerant is liquid as it exits the condenser and until it exits the expansion valve/orifice. Of course as it passes through the condenser it changes from vapor to liquid. That’s why it’s called a condenser.The line from the compressor to the condenser is not a liquid line.