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Looking for a part

I have a 1999 Cadi Catera. There is a leak in the AC line to the evaporator joint. The mechanic says the part has been discontinued and is no longer available. Anyone know where I might be able to find the part?

I’d take it to an a/c shop, they should be able to fabricate a line and coupling.

I am not (emphasis on not) familiar with Cateras; at all. If it’s a rubber line that is leaking around a rubber/fitting seam then I agree with texases as these kind of things can be fabricated.

If the leak is at the line to evaporator connection point then maybe the possibility of it being nothing more serious than an O-ring seal might be something to consider. As I said, I’m not familiar with the cars but an O-ring leak on any make of car at 15 years of age is always a consideration.

Finding anything for a Catera is a challenge. They’re not really Cadillacs, more of a dressed up Opel.

If you’re in any kind of metro area–or a rural one, come to think of it–there will be a shop of some sort around that fabricates hydraulic and pressure hoses, pipes, and fittings. If you can’t find a replacement, have one made. Often, making a new one costs less than buying a new one from the dealer.

I'd take it to an a/c shop

are there AC-service-only shops? are they obvious from driving down the road like brake or muffler shops? does it depend on state (United States)?

I have only ever found general or dealership car repair shops that may or might not provide some level of AC service, depending on the warranty or their own knowledge.

Yes, there are a/c shops, at least in some areas. Google ‘car air conditioning repair YourTown’ and see.