1996 Buick Park Avenue Part Name Needed

My car released all of it’s refrigerant a few days ago. I Put some spare refrigerant in and tracked the leak back to the small hole in that top left cavity you can see in that picture of my a/c compressor.

I feel like that was a high pressure relief or something like that and needs a new cap or something. But I really have no idea, I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to cars. If someone could tell me the name of the part so I could track a new one down I would appreciate it. I haven’t found anything helpful googling around, so I’m at a loss.

(I have more refrigerant and a vacuum pump with the needed equipment for evacuating the air when I get to it.)

The repair guide shows “system control switch”, there are two. What is on the end of the blue wire in the picture?

The blue wire is connected to one of the pipes leading from the compressor and goes back a few inches to another connector closer to the engine. It looks unrelated.

I’ll go look for a hanging wire that looks generally the same as the other one that’s connected. I had just assumed that it was missing something to fill the hole rather than an actual connector.

I found nothing, I’d assume I could at a minimum find a sheared wire or something.

Could you link me that repair guide you spoke of?

Some of the older vehicles had an aluminum plug in the unused ports but this one shows a switch. The diagram may be one that covers all applications so it may not be accurate.


I found what looks like the part and purchased it.

I Think this should work. I’ll try installing it tomorrow.
Thanks for figuring this out.