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What is this part called? (plastic piece surrounding the gear)

Hello! I am borrowing my dad’s car and accidentally spilled hand sanitizer on the interior (plastic next to the gear). It left this ugly white mark that I can’t get rid of. I want to see if I can just replace this piece of plastic, but I have no idea what it is even called. I am really clueless when it comes to car parts. Can somebody name this piece/ tell me what I would need to search for to find a replacement?

Thank you!

Lets see , you did not post year or what trim model the Outback is so it is nearly impossible to say what part you need . Just go to a Subaru dealer parts dept. and let them tell what it is and how much it is.

Of course you told your dad as soon as it happened didn’t you ?

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Yes I told him. Just trying to get it fixed on my own. Thanks for the help!

That’s called the console bezel.


I suspect the part is in the $50-$100 range and special order but please don’t try to replace it yourself and make it worse. Just let the body shop do it. I’m not sure you would need to replace it though-just refinish it. If the alcohol took the finish off, it’s just painted.

Probably best to let a shop replace it. Ask the shop for the old part and if you have more time than money (or brains) you can try either painting (ask a body shop to recommend a plastic compatible paint - not all of them are) or cover it with one of the iron-on films sold as model airplane covering (Monocoat is one brand) - then you’ll both have a spare and a maybe a new hobby. <> is a good forum if you’re determined to remove it, also can try Youtube.

For about $20, you can get a roll of carbon fiber looking tape to recover it. You’ll have enough left over to cover other parts to match.

I suspect that’s some sort of residue, and you can clean it off yourself. Start with a soft cloth and a squirt of Windex on the cloth, rub it gently and see what happens. If you already damaged the finish, you’ve got nothing to lose.