Passat Exterior Part Question

I drive a 04 VW Passat. On the outside, under the engine is a big piece of hard plastic cover (I assume to protect the bottom from dirt and water). That pieces’ front part is dangling on the ground and grinding while driving. The back part is still attached.

I want to take that whole thing out. Should I replace it? Or should I just take it out? Or should I just duct tape and zip line the piece that is still there?

Any help will be appreciated because I like my car.

Azerman, Providing It’s Not Damaged Beyond Reinstalling It, Go To Your VW Dealer.

[list]Purchase the correct fasteners and reattach the cover.[/list]

[list]If the cover is destroyed, order a new one or buy a salvaged one and replace it.[/list]

[list]That cover is supposed to be there. Using the proper fasteners will make it easier for any future service work requiring temporary removal. Duct tape or zip ties will hold it up until you obtain the correct fasteners. That’s what I’d do.[/list]


what do you call the cover?
I thought it to be important.

oh and it is damaged pretty bad. the front part is done, while the back part still hangs in there.

You don’t need to know the part’s name. Just go to the dealer parts department and describe the part to them. If they can’t figure it out by the description, they will show you a diagram of the underside of the engine bay. Point to the part and the mystery will be solved.

Maybe You’re Just Talking About A Little Plastic Air Dam.

People knock those off all the time.

That thing may not be necessary, only decorative. Like JT Sanders says though, you need to find out what the part is before you go throwing things away.