What is this light and why is it blinking?

I have done some repair work in my car so this is driving me crazy. For the life of me I can’t figure out what this light is and why it’s blinking, see attached picture.
Thanks Chasin

It looks like an add on starter interrupter device. These were added to vehicles in the past as a security device (for less than $20) and sold as a new vehicle add on for $400.

When I find one I usually remove it (with permission) and restore the wiring harness to original. They eventually become problematic.

Agreed it’s an aftermarket anti-theft device of some sort. More than once I’ve had a car towed in for a no-start condition and traced the problem to a device the driver didn’t even know they had.

Is this a Sequoia or 4 Runner? I think this is a pu or SUV and that is the indicator for the electronic brake activator. The blinking light means it is not connected to any trailer braking system.

Sorry, this is a 2000 Camry. But I noticed that my 2008 Honda Odyssey has a similar light in a similar spot.
I’m guessing the consensus is some sort of anti-theft?
Thanks Chasin

My guess is that it’s an aftermarket combination remote start and security device. A shop that installs these systems should be able to remove it for you for a nominal fee. A piece of black electrical tape will make it invisible for free.

Thanks for the info. I think I should be able to remove it myself, right. Just trace the wires and remove the splices?!?
A second question, sound like I’m missing part of the the system for this to work, correct? It doesn’t do anything just by itself.

Right. You’re missing the remote that starts the engine.

I think I’d let a shop that installs these things do it. If my guess is right, it’s bypassing the ignition switch when activated with the remote, and if the wiring isn’t reconnected IAW the circuitry schematics, the results could be inability to start the car again. A shop will have the schematics and the expertise to connect everything back up properly.

Without getting too personal about finances, what about the device(s) being GPS locators and/or disablers placed there by the lienholder if the cars are financed.
That’s fairly common anymore.

ok4450, it could have been at some point but I bought the car used last year and I do own it.
I do have the Toyota service manual for the car and I do have a degree in electrical engineering so if the car keeps acting weird and not starting I might get into the project.
Thank you all for the info.

Ah, the plot changes!

In that case, I’ll change my recommendation. If you have the Toyota shop manual with the schematics and the wiring diagrams, this should not be a problem for you to remove the mystery device. If you don’t, the Toyota parts guy at the dealership should be happy to print them for you.

I would not remove it if the device is related to financing in some way. Instead, I would take it to whoever you bought it from and have them remove it.