What is this button

Does anyone know what this button is for?

Anybody’s guess. Obviously something someone added on. Certainly not OEM. What happens when you push/turn it? Could be an after-market light, fog lights, seat heater?


After market MIL ejection seat activator


Seat heater could be it. There was a caller to the show that wanted a sneaky way to turn on the spouse’s heated seat (apparently a game to see how long it takes them to notice)

Looks like a hands free phone module was installed, is there a microphone attached to the A-pillar or map light?

Remove the console cover and see what type of module was added.

Whatever it is, it was added by a previous owner. It didn’t come from the factory.

That button doesn’t look like as much fun as this button:


Follow the wire and see where it goes. If you still can’t figure it out, get back to us.

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Is that a push button or is it a rheostat/selector knob?


I would assume that it activates the Flux Capacitor


Photon Torpedoes ?

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If you have a source on where to buy those, send it over?

Asking for a friend.


You bought car? Stole it? What did seller say?

Maybe the button doesn’t do anything. When I was in high school, I worked summers in the audio/visual department in the library of a university. The head janitor called me in and said, "I am appointing you as my assistant in charge of the air conditioning system. He then took me to the mechanical room and showed me a rotary switch. He said, "When I am not available, I am directing calls to you. Here is the key to the room. If the complaint is that the building is too cool, turn this knob clockwise. If the complaint is that the building is too warm, turn the knob counterclockwise. Look at these gauges as you adjust the knob and say ‘That should do it. You will feel more comfortable in about fifteen minutes’ ". When I asked him what the knob I was to adjust did, he said “Absolutely nothing. I installed the knob and it makes the complainers think something is being done”. It worked.



Some of the close-door buttons on elevators aren’t hooked up to anything either. But people feel empowered when they push them.

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I think the button is part of the automatic blinker fluid refill system. I put one on my car and have never had to add ANY.


That’s my wife. Never fails to push the button. The guy across the street works for Otis. I’ll have to ask him sometime.

A story in the Boston Globe a few years ago discovered that many of the Crosswalk buttons aren’t hooked up either. They were there just to make the pedestrians feel good.

The main roads in my area are 90% county roads. County controls light timing. A few calls to city engineer resulted in “tough”. I can hit the light at 1pm on sat and wait for 3 minutes. With NO cars but me. And the next week it will change in 10 sec. there are push buttons. Been tempted to see what they do.

I always push the crosswalk button. It won’t change the timing of the lights, but it might allow pedestrians to cross. I’ve seen many crosswalks that don’t give pedestrians the safe walk sign unless the button is pushed. I don’t travel to Boston, though.

So a car politely stopped as I was on a walk light, I thought about waving it on, but as my momentum was already going It was like kind thank you wave, then I hear screeching tires, So glad the guy did not get hit, but thinking next time I will wave them through.