2007 Toyota Camry - What is this thing?

Aftermarket device? I just purchased a car for my college aged kid. On the instrument facia, is a rectangular raised device that has two buttons and a led between them. the right button has a phone symbol, and the left button has a bunch of vertical & horizontal lines crossing like the # sign (3 horiz, 5 vertical) . The led blinks when car is off and does not blink when car is running. What do the buttons do and who makes it? Photo available.

Based on almost nothing, I’d guess it is a hands free device of some sort for a cell phone. look for a brand name, model number or some identifying manufacturer’s mark and then search for that on the internet. You might find a manual that tells you how it works.

Didn’t you ask the owner what it was? Or is it from a car lot?

The car already has Bluetooth capability via the radio. There are no identifying marks on the device and no numbers or letters anywhere. The previous owners, not car or tech wise, did not know what it was or what it was for. They purchased the car one year old from a Toyota dealer, who I asked and he didn’t know what it was. The car was a new lease for one year and then back to the dealer before it was sold to the last owner, my cousin. I have uploaded my photo of it to my profile picture. Or let me know and I will send you a picture in a word document. Thanks
BTW, the car came from the Boston/Salem Mass area.

There is no picture. You can copy and paste a picture into the reply. Open thenpicture on your computer, copy then hit reply and paste into the body of the reply.

You have my curiousity piqued!

Is that a Toyota radio? Or an aftermarket radio? If the radio is aftermarket, I’d bet the buttons are part of the hands-free phone system from that radio. Phone symbol to answer, hash symbol to hang-up.

Seems there are also aftermarket products that use the Toyota radio to add USB and Bluetooth with a plug-in device as well. May be one of these devices.

Silly question… have you pushed the buttons to see what they do?

The radio is an original Toyota radio, came with car. I’ve pushed the buttons, many time and held them down and get no response or change in the flashing when car off or when car turned on. I’ll sinc. my phone with the car later today and see if pushing the buttons has any change in the use of the Bluetooth phone etc.
I don’t know what it does or what it is for.