Mystery button on toyoto corolla

There is a small button you can see when you open the glove box on the left side that says “set”. What does this do?

Depends on the year
70 - 79 Engages the ejector seat
80 - 89 Fires the booster rockets
90 - 99 Turns on the FLUX capacitor (if equipped)
00 - 09 Engages the “Cloak of Invisibility”
10 - 19 It’s in the OWNERS MANUAL


I believe that button is to initialize the tire pressure monitor. Is there a profile of a tire on that switch?

Depending on the model year, that is a definite possibility.
If only the OP would reveal the model year of his Toyoto

It’s a 2015 Corolla

I was right, page 450 of the owners manual


My 2004 Corolla is missing the button to enable the “Cloak of Invisibility”. Is that because I opted for a basic model without power windows/locks/seats, etc?

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Rumor has it, Toyota installed them without proper licensing and the Klingons came and repossessed them.


Thank you.

Imagine that…info on the car you own, being right in the “owners manual”, would have ever thought of that.

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So what does it do?

Nevada_545 had it

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Any chance that was available as an option on a 2013 Camry? I want that!!!


Since you’re so quick to judge, the owner’s manual has over 600 pages. Have you read all 600 pages of your owner’s manual? And do you remember everything? On top of that, many of the manuals I’ve read have poor indices, making it difficult to find information. The manual cited above doesn’t even call it a button, it calls it a switch, and it doesn’t even mention the words “glove box” or “glove compartment” in the description. I don’t know if the OP tried to look it up or not, but it’s very possible s/he did and couldn’t find anything.

The manual of our Honda Odyssey had a page near the front with a picture of all the warning lights on the dashboard and a key showing what page the relevant information was on. That is the single most useful page of the manual because it made it easy to find information quickly. Unfortunately, that’s the exception, not the rule.

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Never heard of that but it says to park in a safe place, then adjust the tire pressure. So you better park in a safe place with access to an air compressor or ignore the park in a safe place and adjust the tire pressure before hand. I assume a lawyer needed to have that put in.