What is this button

That’s exactly the case here

Every time I walk to an intersection, I push the button, because I can’t be sure the lady that’s already standing there has done so. And that has often turned out to be the case, because some people are too busy playing with their phone to push the button . . .

In my youth I had a Plymouth with a push button transmission.
I mounted a fake floor shift on the hump with a 4 speed knob.

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We had an old elevator at work. It had timer relays. You could push the close door button and shorten the cycle but only after a 5 second delay. They updated the controls and then the close door only worked if someone pushed the hold open. The normal open cycle was longer as well. Elevator guys said it’s that way to accomodate physically challenged that need more time. You can’t short cycle with the button. Liability concerns come into play yet again…

Yeah, I was thinking Cali on business trips.

Got it. Thanks.


Looks like Nevada got it right off the bat but the other answers were more fun.

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I have seen a few of those “Parrot” hands free systems in cars, they have no affect on crosswalk signs.

My interest in the eject button has faded as MIL is now in assisted living and can’t get out (The only one good thing about COVID!). I am now looking for a mute button for the passenger seat.

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As they say at Disney Haunted Mansion, there is ONE way out.

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In every elevator I’ve been in in Japan the close door button works almost instantly. I guess it highlights the different behavioural & cultural expectations between cultures. The designers & engineers don’t have to mitigate the asshat factor.

It was interesting at a hotel in Israel there was one elevator designated as a no button touch elevator. You got in and it made the rounds without human intervention. None of the buttons were activated.

I take the stair unless I am really forced to. But the same issue I guess applies to the AC controls in the offices. I guess most of them are not connected to anything, but it gives the employees the feeling that they are controlling something.

Ours worked. If it was too cold, we’d put a rag over the thermostat and that would summon the heat-until the building engineer caught us.

The no touch buttons in the elevator were for those that were forbidden to do work on the Sabbath and pushing an elevator button was classified as work.

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