What is the proper trans fluid level for a 2007 G6 2.4-NO dipstick!

Replaced the radiator and lost fluid for the tranny.I don’t know how to check for the proper level since there is no dipstick just a filler cap on top of the tranny. Do I just add until it runs out the filler hole? Man, do I feel dumb in asking this question.

Your question isn’t dumb. Building a car without a transmission dipstick is. Also building cars without radiator caps on the radiator, and torque converters without drain plugs (Although that last one goes back more than a few years).

There is a plug in the leg of the trans next to the right axle. to check fluid the car has to be raised level. start engine, shift through gears with foot on brake. put in park, leave engine running, pull plug next to right axle. If fluid isnt coming out, you need to fill it until it does. replace plug, shut off engine. done

Pete Peters has the answer

Thanks for the help. To the lift it goes.