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06 Pontiac g6 transmission fluid level check

I have a 06 Pontiac G6 with the 3.5 . Want to check transmission fluid level have read many different answers and opinions . With the engine running and level go through the gears and place in park . There’s a 10mm bolt on the passenger side next to the oil pan and exhaust 2-3 inches above trans pan . Loosen bolt if trans fluid drips out it’s at the correct level , is this the correct procedure to check trans fluid ?

That’s the correct procedure.


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Trans fluid should be 40 deg C or above (104 deg F). Seems like it would be difficult for a diy’er to get the car both elevated and level in their driveway. I guess maybe you could run the front up on ramps, then jackstand the rear.

I was thinking the same but no solid frame toward back , have to jack rear end up each side separate from lower control arm then placed jack stand closer to the rear tires held up pretty good . Then front from the frame and still used jack stands for front I’d say it was pretty close to dead on level to get an accurate reading

That seems like it should work. You could use a builder’s level held along the underside of the rocker panels on side and maybe the top side of one of the bumpers I guess to verify the car close to level.

That’s exactly what I used haha 2ft level . Although I didn’t think of the rear bumper , the hood isn’t flat nor the roof and the rocker panels are close to being completely gone due to Michigan weather and rust but I’d say it was close enough . I still think it’s low on fluid . I went through the procedure and no fluid trickled out while the engine was running/level etc . Curious of the trans fluid condition I shut it off and right after removed the bolt some fluid came out , did not seemed burnt or completely black still had a redish pink tink to it . Ended up adding 1qt Dexron VI and got vack roughly 1/4 back from checking with engine not running

I gave up on my G6 and just stopped by the trans shop that did the pan drop. No charge.