Short and Green

I am opening a discussion again that was posted two years ago. Only, I am shortening the topic, so to speak.
It was previously posted by someone about 5’1". I am 4’10.5" inches (having shrunk in last few years) and am finding it nearly
impossible to find a car because of my visual, leg length, and safe distance from steering wheel (7-10 inches) requirements.

I also hope to get a decent mileage of 23+ in city because I am Green (no, I am not Kermit, the frog).

All new cars slope in back for aerodynamics and fuel economy, which makes vision really hard for me.

I currently own a Honda Accord 1994 (over 200,000 miles) that is about ready to drop its transmission on the
next highway drive, so I need something soon, or I need to put $5,000 into a car that is probably worth $2,000.
However, this car fits the bill in every way for me, except maybe 4WD for a few nasty winter days in Washington state (west side).

I have considered the pedal extenders, and yet hate to go that way.
I found the Lexus 450H fit my needs, but not my wallet.

The previous writer decided a RAV4 Limited was right for her. It does not quite do it for me - maybe newer model is not so good and I should
look at a used one.

Suggestions anyone?
Thank you - marscar

Looked at these?

Look for cars with a telescoping steering column, too.

Honda Fit?

Smart car maybe

I don’t think you are going to need it, but you may want to consider a RV outlet or a local outfit that does handicap modifications.

My 4’ 11" daughter drives a 2000 Chevrolet S10 Blazer (pwr seats) and a 2010 Cobalt (manual seat height adj) with no issues. The Cobalt is as ugly as sin, but has good all around visibility and has been dependable for the 2.5 years I’ve had it.

Ed B.