What is it with music everywhere we go?


There is an intersection I routinely cross where nobody uses the right lane because it ends about 1/8 mile past the intersection. However, since I know better than to accelerate towards red lights, I usually hit the green with momentum which makes it easy to get past the fully stopped cars in the lane you have to merge into.
Occasionally there is someone in a high performance car who stands on the gas so I can’t merge in front of him, no problem, I merge behind him and I’m still ahead of the mob.
One advantage of the outer lane is that the larger turn radius allows you to take the turn at a faster speed which gives you the holeshot advantage when the turn ends.


I have the same problem at the local Toyota dealer, except their TV usually spews the distortions, lies and hate of the Clinton News Network. Fortunately the volume is muted and those that want to watch can read the closed captioning.
I usually solve the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.


Most maintain their lane. Occasionally I have had some dope turn into my lane and almost hit me. I remind them how stupid they are. I wonder if they have any idea why I honked at them? Probably not. Clearly, no one was in the other lane in their universe.


I see it differently. I have two of these 2 lane turns near me that I frequently use. I’ve never seen a problem with cars drifting over into the other lane.


Consider yourself VERY lucky!
When I do use that intersection, I almost always witness a very close call, and that is why I try to avoid it if I can. There is actually much less of a problem with the two lanes merging together ~100 ft after the turn than there is on the turn itself.

The transgressions range from being a few inches over the line to going completely from one lane to the other during the course of the turn. For some drivers, it’s almost as if the lines don’t exist.


Perhaps because the streets involved, although 4 lanes, are for local traffic. No route number… So almost all of the drivers know the area.


Well, we do tend to get some “outsiders” in this area, so perhaps a lack of familiarity with the road might explain the problem–at least to some extent.


Lane markings may also be an issue. A well marked two lane left turn will have a dashed line defining and separating the lanes through the length of the turn.